Cashflow Critiques &
The Art of Mindful Spending

Cashflow Critiques are our signature service.

They’re confronting.

They’re powerful.

And they pave the path to you becoming a mindful spender.

Ditch the budget. Ditch the tracking apps. Spend less time trying to manage your money and more time enjoying it. 

Are you sick of living pay cheque to pay cheque?

A Cashflow Critique is a personalised service where we analyse your income and expenditure for a full 12 month period. 

We show you exactly where your money is going and provide insights, strategies and suggestions to break the cycle and finally get ahead!

Throw in a sprinkle of money mindset, a cup of inspiration and guidance from the best in the business and there you have a recipe for an exciting financial future. 

Remember, if nothing changes – nothing changes!

P.S we know you transferred that money out of your savings last week..